Welcome Gavin!

You may have noticed we vanished off the blog scene lately, our apologies, but believe me when I say it wasn’t for lack of content! The spring wedding season was chock full of excitement and kept us extremely busy just trying to keep up with our creative brides. I promise to post some of our designs soon!

But let’s face it, the real reason the blogging took a back seat was because 0f this little guy… meet Gavin… the newest member of Studio R. He may be tiny and cute, but he sure does demand a lot of time! It’s a good thing his smile can light up a room, that makes it all worth it.

When Gavin was just 5 weeks old I met up with Tamara of Bump Meet Baby Photography and she took these adorable photos. Like putty in her arms she molded Gavin into the sweetest positions, he was completely oblivious and slept soundly the entire time, until the caterpillar hat came out – I mean, can I even take that seriously?!? Too cute!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and be sure to check back regularly now that Gavin has decided sleeping isn’t so bad!